A Way Of Life

You may have noticed that I constantly go on about The CARBWISER Plan as a way of life and not a diet. I am afraid if you are looking for a quick weight loss followed by a return to high carbohydrate eating, you are probably wasting your time. The aim with The CARBWISER Plan is to work with the body to restore optimum health and ideal body weight for the long term.

Depending on the individual circumstances it can take several months for the body to accept that good quality food is here to stay especially if there is a history of dieting. Once a reliable, selective carbohydrate and high fat, food supply becomes the norm, the body will no longer need body fat and this can be safely discarded. In addition, with more stable blood glucose and increased nutrient levels more resources are available for cell growth and repair which means improved health.

Unfortunately, any return to the old ways of eating will send conflicting signals that will confuse the body. It is essential to realise that many of us are actually addicted to carbohydrates without even knowing and our cravings are proof of this. The body does not need carbohydrates but a complex series of chemical triggers constantly attracts us towards a nutritionally bland selection of popular foods. However, once you admit you have a problem; carbohydrate addiction is relatively easy to break. The CARBWISER Plan will teach you how to take control of your carbohydrate intake instead of the carbohydrates controlling you.

Once you experience the benefits of this way of eating first hand, you will soon dismiss any thoughts of going back to old eating habits and the associated lethargy. I have no doubt you will adapt the plan to meet your individual needs but regardless of the final carbohydrate level you adopt I am sure you too will be a selective carbohydrate convert for life.