[Spot The Difference]


Well, how many did you manage to spot?

43 Years Old

Weigh 322 llbs

54” Waist

(XXXL) Chest Size

Very Low Energy Levels

Get Breathless Climbing Stairs

Have Difficulty Sleeping

Always Wake Up Tired

Constantly Hungry

Always Select The Low Fat Option

Worrying Blood Test Results

Always Fighting Off Colds

Wounds Heal Slowly & Get Infected

Hair & Nails In Poor Condition

Don’t Like Most Vegetables

Drive Everywhere

Avoid Social Contact


44 Years Old

Weigh 189 llbs

34” Waist

(S) Chest Size

High Energy Levels

Always Run Up Stairs

Get To Sleep Easily

Wake Early, Fully Refreshed

Rarely Hungry

Always Select The High Fat Option

Excellent Blood Test Results

Never Get Ill

Wounds Heal Quickly & Cleanly

Hair & Nails Grow Quickly. (too late)

Enjoy A Wide Variety Of Vegetables

Walk ( Or Run ) Whenever Possible

Have Many Friends


The lists above are just a few examples of the way in which a selective way of eating has changed my life. Now you know why I have every intention of sticking to this for life.