Here you will find links to other sites that I have found useful for information about the low carbohydrate way of life and related subjects. Please remember to come back to soon. Well what can I say. This is the site that guided me through the early stages as I purged the carbohydrates from my body. Run by low carbers for low carbers. All low carbohydrate plans are supported and the forum is an essential point of contact for anyone following a selective or low carbohydrate way of life. Having provided me with support in those early months, I am now honoured to be one of the moderators. There is something for everyone including recipes, FAQ’s, photo gallery and even a chat room., an associated site to , is the home of a fantastic shop with plenty of low carbohydrate ingredients and goodies, many specially made for Carblife. You can even find a range of t-shirts. It would not be possible to ignore this site as this is the official home of Dr Atkins and his nutritional centre. You can find a large archive of frequently asked questions dedicated to those following the Atkins plan. Watch out for the American spelling in the address. This site is a good place to start. The FAQ pages cover many subjects of interest to anybody new to low carbohydrate diets. This site is by Barry Groves who is a British columnist. He covers many subjects but I think this site is essential reading for those worried about cholesterol levels and eating fat. As the title suggests, this site by Jonathan Christie documents his personal battle against diabetes with the help of a low carbohydrate way of life. This is the web site of the BMJ which used to be the British Medical Journal. From here you can search the archives and get to the truth behind a lot of the headlines. I was amazed by the number of reported high profile medical trials I was familiar with. I was even more amazed, in fact stunned, by the number of these trials that proved inconclusive. Funny how you don’t read that in the papers