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My book “The CARBWISER Plan” was completed in October 2002 and I am pleased to say it has had excellent reviews since then. “The CARBWISER Plan” can easily be used on its own or used as an extra source of information to allow adaption of other plans. I am sure you can guess what it is about anyway so rather than try and explain I have included a couple of extracts from the introduction that I hope will be of interest.


“Surely the last thing we need right now is yet another book about diets. The stores are overflowing with an endless stream of diet plans and recipe books. Each new book promises dramatic weight loss with a few simple rules whilst swiftly dismissing the alternatives. Film stars, actors from television soaps, scientists and doctors from across the world, all have something to say on the subject.

I regret that I am none of the above. My name is David Mills. I am 45 years old and live in Hertfordshire with my wife and four children. Since leaving school I have been an automotive electrician specialising in systems diagnostics. I have never published anything before and I have no formal medical training. All of my comments are based on my own experiences and the information gleaned from many books and countless web pages. ”

“Because there is so much misleading information going around about nutrition and diets it has become virtually impossible to tell fact from fiction. What makes it even harder is that a great deal of the fiction comes from the very experts that we rely on for guidance. I therefore thought it would be helpful to pass on my own experiences, as I was able to lose over nine stone by carefully controlling the type and quantity of carbohydrates I eat.

Whilst I am ecstatic about my own weight loss, I am also a little angry that I have wasted most of my adult life addicted to carbohydrates without even knowing. Like most people, I blamed my obesity on simple over eating without realising that powerful forces were at work. I just wish somebody had told me earlier that a cure to all my problems was always just a few simple meals away.

You can imagine that it is difficult to lose over nine stone without somebody spotting the difference and wanting to know my secret. The problem is I wasn’t following any particular recognised diet in full. Although I originally started out on Atkins, I had now read dozens of low carbohydrate books. In addition, I spent hundreds of hours researching on-line and even carried out many of my own mini-trials to end up with a plan that not only worked for me but was safe enough to recommend to family and friends. As I now eat more fruit and vegetables than before starting this way of life, I like to think that the way I eat is more accurately described as a selected carbohydrate plan as opposed to low carbohydrate.

I am pleased that many people have been amazed by my progress and have followed my lead but in each case it has taken a lot of individual counselling to explain the basic principles and how to avoid potential problems. It is great to see so many of them doing well and even encouraging others to join in. Unfortunately, as the word spreads, it becomes inevitable that some pick up on a few key points and then go off half-cocked without getting all the facts. This can result in disappointment or side effects that could have been avoided. Therefore, I felt it was important to record all the relevant information and advice in an attempt to get the whole message across and my book is the result.”


I hope you find these short extracts of interest. Once the book was finished, I was not keen on making a profit from those trying to lose weight, so I have given away over four hundred copies as pdf files. In addition I have printed and bound many copies for those people without printers. However, faced with the rising printing costs I am no longer able to provide printed copies. The e-book is now available with additional security features to minimise unauthorised copying and I was finally persuaded to make a small charge for the book.

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