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I though you might be interested in some of the comments I have received since completing The CARBWISER Plan. In many cases I had permission to use full names but I have decided against this due to the personal nature of some of the comments.

I must say a big thanks for all of your letters and emails. It is always very rewarding to learn that I might have played a small part in improving someone’s life.


After reaching a dangerous twenty stone at Christmas 2002, I decided to finally do something about it, eventually. I had seen an advert on Shop America for an Atkins starter pack that consisted of two videos and a small meal plan book for £20, so I bought it.  Now I have nothing against the late Dr. Atkins but the videos were poor.

I could see the logic in a low carbohydrate diet but it was all a bit too "American". Since I use the Internet for many things I went in search of more information online. After a brief search I came across the Carblife forum and read through the many postings from mostly British low-carbers. That's when I read about the Carbwiser plan.

I got hold of a copy from Dave himself and read it through and through. It was just what I wanted.  I found the way the information was presented ideal. A list of questions with answers in plain English. A list of foods that were good, bad and ugly!

Paula and I started on the Carbwiser plan on March 1st,2003 and in just three calendar months, we had each lost an impressive three stone in weight.  And we are still losing weight. With a new found interest in this sort of diet, I have read other books but nothing is as easy to understand as Dave Mills’s excellent book.  I honestly believe that without the Carbwiser plan we would have given up before we had even got started. Highly recommended reading.

John & Paula, Cambridgeshire


Thank you for the copy of your book. Both I and my wife have enjoyed experimenting with it. We have been delighted with the results.

Allister, West Lothian


A couple of months ago I emailed you to ask for a copy of your Carbwiser book. You asked if I would keep you posted on the number of people that I passed it onto. So here I am! I have given 3 work colleagues the diet and I family member. All of which are following the low carb way of life with much success.

My husband and I have been following the low carb way of life since the beginning of February. I have gone from 16 stone to 14 stone 6lb and my husband has gone from 13 stone 51b to 12 stone 5lb — all of which has come off his ‘beer belly’. Impressive yes but what is more impressive is that we both feel fantastic. Of course there have been hiccups along the way — mainly involving beer and pizza but we have boundless energy and less illness.

I have recently seen your book for sale on the Carblife website for £7 so I am enclosing a cheque for this amount. I feel it was worth every penny. I am very glad that you have taken the time to write this as it is explained in such a way that it is easy for anyone to follow — and more to the point understand! I tried to follow Atkins with some success but found it rather limiting so I decided to invent my own ‘healthy’ Atkins diet that included plenty of vegetables. Then I received your plan and discovered that I was doing it right!

You are an inspiration to us all! I wish more people would stop sticking their heads in the low fat sand and realise that this is the eating plan to prevent obesity.

Thank you again for giving us all an insight into a proper healthy diet.

Michelle, Derbyshire


Clear, concise and easy to read. Dave offers in Carbwiser, a sensible working manual on how to make the most of a controlled carbohydrate way of eating.

No hard to find, imitation 'foodstuffs', exhaustive lists of expensive supplements or any peculiar dietary rules and regulations.  The Carbwiser Plan guides the reader towards good foods, which have been carefully selected for their optimal nutritional value. All foods are readily available in local shops. The Carbwiser plan can easily be followed even on the tightest of budgets.

If your personal goals are good health and vitality together with a safe weight loss plan, read Carbwiser. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Sylvie, Wiltshire


Reading Carbwiser was like taking the veil away from my eyes, I cried after reading the first few question and answers, I now realised it was the Low Fat diet plan I had been following from the age of 9 for the past 25 years, was the cause of my ever increasing bulk. Seven months on I am now 2 stone lighter and firmly in control of my eating and weight, this is a great way of eating and one I plan to stick with for life.

Maria, North Lincolnshire


After deciding to give low carb a try, I researched the topic for many weeks, both by books and on the internet.

Most of the information I found was very technical and difficult to understand. It wasn’t just a matter of cutting out bread and potatoes I found.

Then I found Dave, who sent me a copy of Carbwiser, and it was the best thing I ever did. It was so well written, interesting, enjoyable and written in language that we could understand. There was no scientific overload, it was just plain English.

Dave’s book has really opened my eyes, and made my whole low carb experience much more enjoyable and easy.

Deborah, Larne


May I please take the opportunity to publicly thank Dave Mills for the Carbwiser Plan.

It arrived on the mat this morning, and from the moment I read the first two 'Interview Questions' (the answers to which I related almost directly!) I was hooked!

I couldn't put it down - and for the first time, this WOE made perfect sense to me - I mean, I'm as intelligent as the next bod, but couldn't really understand other books.

I can go ahead now with greater confidence – Thank you SO much Dave!

Judi, Bedfordshire


I would definitely recommend it as being one of the clearest and easy to understand explanations of low carbing, how it's done and why it works. It is done as a question and answer format and that makes it very easy to take in. Dave Mills definitely knows what he is talking about and has the gift of being able to put it all down on paper and pass on his knowledge to the rest of us.

Beverly, Twickenham


A big thank you to DaveM for sending me his Carbwiser plan. I too read it in one sitting and was enthralled.

The thing I liked about it most, compared to Dr Atkins' books, is that it has a different, dare I say "British" attitude, which I found very refreshing. Dr Atkins, though he undoubtedly knows his stuff, is so full of self-praise and congratulation, that it really gets on my nerves. (I have all the books, videos etc and it's the same throughout).

Dave Mills's Carbwiser plan is easy to read and understand, and explains all the technical stuff in a non-techy way. I found my husband reading it last night, and he was nodding along with certain parts, and he said afterwards "what a bloody good, sensible read that was, the best I've seen on restricted or as Dave calls it "selective" carb diets. It makes perfect sense to me."

High praise indeed from a hard-nosed Journalist such as he is. So, well done Dave and many thanks once again.

Blodwen, Swansea


Thanks for the Carbwiser plan. It is a very good read indeed as it cuts out unnecessary scientific jargon and it so obviously comes “from the heart” as it were. I never realised that I could eat so many vegetables having only till recently eaten only spinach and broccoli.

Marion, Hertfordshire


Thanks so much for the book Dave. I am starting today and feel very positive after reading it.

Linda, Wolverhampton


I just thought I’d write you a note to say a massive ‘thank you’ for taking the time to send me your Carbwiser book. I have spent the morning reading it and think you have done such a good job. I love the format and all the questions that could be asked are answered. I know it will help me to make well-informed decisions now when I am ‘tweaking’ my way of eating.

Kathryn, Argyll & Bute