I was a late starter as far as the internet was concerned and for quite a while I couldn’t see the point but how things have changed. I now run most of my life on-line including shopping and banking. I still get out but I can now use my limited leisure time on things I enjoy. Even visits to shopping centres can be relaxing when the weekly essentials arrived in a van the night before.

Here you will find affiliate links to a number of business sites that I have used recently for goods or services. An affiliate link allows the business concerned to realise that you have come directly from my site. If you make a purchase during this visit I may get a small commission under certain conditions whilst you still get the best possible price. My site is self funded and I do not take advertising so any extra income to offset my costs is greatly appreciated. By adding this page to your favourites list and using it each time you visit the businesses below you can support my site at no cost to yourself.

I will try and add to this list as time goes on but rest assured that I have personally used every site and been delighted with the buying experience.

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1&1 Internet Limited

Domain Registration and Web Hosting Services


I was thrilled when I finally registered my first internet domain name even though it took four more years before I actually had a website to go with it. Even so, with just a simple redirection instruction set up, I was able to use my new name for email. I knew that to register my domain name directly with the appropriate body was very expensive so for many years I was happy to pay my host company £35 per year for each name. When I eventually came across 1&1 Internet Limited I was convinced there must be a catch as they only wanted to charge £1.99 per year for a name. Over two years later and I now have loads of names registered with 1&1 Internet Limited and I have even used the free software they provide to build this site. The reasonable ‘home’ package will let you have your very own website up and running in a matter of days. It comes with 500mb of web space and plenty of email addresses which make it a great choice for a business or family site.

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Books, Music, Films, Computer Games and much more.

Thinking back, I can remember my first ever on-line purchase was a book from and I have been a regular buyer ever since. Since the early days the product range has increased greatly and now includes kitchen appliances, toys, games, electronics and photographic equipment in addition to the books, music and films you would expect. Plenty of offers and even the option to buy second hand items can increase your chances of finding a real bargain. The returns process is simple should the need arise.

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